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Social Policy

To provide people with opportunities to grow, and create a culture of diversity, inclusion and flexibility.

Vishnusurya is committed to fostering diversity among the workforce, their professional growth and skill development to help them stay relevant.

Professional Diversity & Equal Opportunities

  • Equal opportunity and varied career paths to all employees in a spirit of mutual trust, and fair treatment of women and men from diverse backgrounds.
  • Opportunities for differently-abled people by promoting their employment and inclusion.
  • Development of culturally safe workplace practices.
  • Development of commercial relationships with indigenous businesses, and building capacity, skills and business acumen in the communities where the company operates.
  • Offer a balanced status in terms of social protection & salary policy, in line with the Group’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.

Women In Construction

  • Develop gender diversity in employment, particularly on our projects and in operational functions, and encourage the promotion of women within our company.
  • Career opportunities for women across a range of disciplines including engineering, Project Management, Safety, and more.
  • Extended paid parental leave.
  • Development opportunities to help them reach their potential.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Unconscious Bias training to create a level playing field.
  • Female- focused events such as International Women’s Day.