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Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Vishnusurya has a comprehensive and multi-faceted health and safety policy to provide a safe work environment for all employees, at every level, and is committed to the right of workers to work in a safe, healthy work environment.

The well-being of every person associated with the Company is important and sustained performance can only come from people who feel engaged, energized, and enabled. Safety is more than a programme –it is the core of the company’s corporate culture.

Managing safety is the responsibility of everyone and each must take ownership of their part of the process. The safety program meets industry –best standards and complies with all jurisdictions. Every activity undertaken adheres to industry-defined appropriate safeguards against:

  • Exposing employees and persons on the premise to health and safety risks;
  • Reduction in the incidence of accidents,
  • Dangerous occurrences, hazards to safety or health.

Safety & Health Practices

  • A safe place of work, with safe access and exit.
  • Provision of a safe working environment with adequate welfare facilities.
  • Site-specific induction process before anyone is permitted to work at the site.
  • Achieve zero harm, injuries, and loss of life with a safety strategy targeting ZERO reportable accidents.
  • Assess exposure to harmful chemical, biological physical and ergonomic hazards.
  • Safety induction, instruction, and training for every worker on safety rules and procedures and safe working practices.
  • Availability of protective clothing, equipment, devices, and safety mechanisms to protect against probable and conceivable hazards.
  • Extension of safety care to persons not in the company’s employment, but who may be affected by its operations, with the same care and attention as is given to each of the company’s own employees.
  • Regular inspections of plant, machinery, workplace, and processes.
  • Inspection, testing, and certification of tools and equipment.
  • Safety audits by recognized and authorized bodies.
  • Periodic safety inspection and compliance with observations.
  • Establishment of effective health and safety communication streams.
  • Constant assessment of actual and potential risks.
  • Safety Committee on site
  • Review of specifications to identify appropriate safety standards and special safety conditions
  • Emergency plan for obtaining medical assistance, ambulance, and direction for a rescue operation.
  • Safety signage caution boards and awareness posters
  • Identification of hazards, assessment of risks, and designing safe systems of work to be applied, maintained, and reviewed.
  • Monitoring the workplace for compliance with legislative requirements and to achieve best operating practices at all times.
  • Regular review of policies and revise them according to changing circumstances.

Health Policy

  • Prioritize the physical and mental health of all employees.
  • Address health like safety and address it with assess-control-review steps.
  • Daily activities to monitor employee wellness.
  • Address, and mitigate occupational diseases with appropriate instruction and interventions.
  • Regular health surveillance programmes.
  • Special health initiatives for women workers.
  • Health insurance for all employees.
  • Address mental health and wellness concerns of employees.
  • Raise mental health awareness resources and strategies.
  • Creating a mentally healthy organizational culture.