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Vishnusurya provides responsibly sourced and high-quality aggregates to meet the demands of various commercial, infrastructure, and residential construction projects.

The Company owns and operates two quarries in Tamil Nadu, India. These facilities are manned by expert teams and come fully-equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

First blue metal mining quarry and crushing facility is spread over 105 acres at Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu. This facility handles the entire rock breaking and rock auguring operations and the crushing machine here is capable of producing an output of 250 tonnes per hour and 100 tonnes of sand washing at a given point in time.

Second aggregates and manufactured sand unit is located in Vandavasi, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu. This facility is equipped with a crushing machine capable of handling 350 tonnes and 150 tonnes of sand washing at a given point in time. The facility is located 100kms from Chennai. 

All the activities are tailored to reduce CO2 emissions, increase product performance and minimize wastage.

Blue Metal

Blue Metal

Broken bluestone or basalt is used in macadamizing and is a naturally formed solid aggregate of minerals and volcanic rocks found near the earth’s surface.

A grained substance in varying shades of colours from grey to black; it is crushed and screened at the quarry to a consistent size making it ideal for concrete.

Vishnusurya is engaged in the excavation of blue metal rock, an essential material for laying building foundations & constructing roads due to its consistent and predictable properties. It serves as a cost-effective reinforcement material that binds well with cement to form concrete.

This product has diverse applications-road base, to railway ballast, civil construction, and commercial building materials.

Manufactured Sand

Manufactured Sand

Sand is a granular aggregate composed of fine rock and mineral particles.

Manufactured sand is an alternative to naturally occurring sand, and a vital construction aggregate, besides being essential in the manufacture of concrete. In concrete, they provide increased bonding strength.

A by-product of the quarrying process, high- quality manufactured sand with maximum is a much sought -after commodity in the construction industry due to its significant environmental benefits, performance, capacity to reduce clay fractions, reduced metallic contamination, and accurate size separation.

The Company produces M-sand through effective management of resources with a special focus on sustainable treatment of water used for all the operations to preserve the environment, maintain the ecology balance and conserve the water bodies at the site.