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The environment is central to every activity at Vishnusurya. The Company encourages and supports environmentally responsible behavior across the organization, in every operation, and by the partners associated with the projects. Complying with every applicable environmental law and regulation, and adhering to prescribed benchmarks, Vishnusurya continues to move towards the bigger goal of building a low-carbon, and responsible future for construction.

Across projects and operations , the Company focuses on waste minimization, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental impacts, complying with regulatory requirements and preventing pollution in the jurisdictions where the operations are carried out.

The environmental strategy initiative focuses on activities and operations that:

  • Mitigate the environmental impact of projects with a focus on air quality, habitat, spills, soil management, water quality, effluents, erosion, sediment and surface water control, noise and vibration, and archaeology and heritage management.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Optimize resource usage and facilitate an increased rate for materials and equipment.
  • Protect the natural environments at all the sites, with a focus on energy conservation, reduced water consumption, and recycling of scarce resources.
  • Practice recycling and effective waste management in site operations for improved landfill diversion.
  • Promote biodiversity and go green initiatives.
  • Adopt sustainable construction practices.
  • Periodic assessment of climate change risks, and reduce the impact of operations on them through responsible construction.
  • Improve the resiliency to recover from the impact of natural and manmade disasters and long term climate change effects.
  • Explore innovative green technologies and processes.