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Quality Policy

Purpose & Scope

The Quality Policy sets up the Company’s commitments, responsibilities and approaches to continually improve the quality of the projects, and services delivered to the stakeholders.

Objectives to achieve this goal

  • Develop implement and maintain a management system based on industry-specific standards.
  • Monitor activities to identify the changing needs and expectations of clients and customers.
  • Achieve efficiency in every operation and activity, attention to detail, and responsiveness to client and customer priorities.
  • Provide an inclusive & competitive work environment that appreciates and nurtures talent, respects hard work and effort and provides opportunities for attaining maximum potential.



  • Ensure continual improvement of the quality management system and view it as a business imperative and part of the company’s culture.
  • Develop, implement, and improve an integrated business management system that complies with the industry compliance standards.
  • Set management improvement objectives and targets, and measure their progress against quality performance indicators.
  • Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, including identified voluntary obligations.
  • Provide the right information, advice and necessary training, and support to enable employees to know their responsibilities, stay accountable, & contribute to policy requirements to help achieve defined targets and objectives.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing through structured training programmes leading to motivation & empowerment.
  • Provide channels of communication for the exchange of ideas and feedback for improved quality performance.
  • Resource this policy and support requirements to deliver them as a part of the quality policy.



  • Use a risk-based approach to address business requirements internally and externally.
  • Develop, implement monitor, and improve processes and procedures that assure the quality of projects and services delivered.
  • Define accountability and responsibility of all employees, suppliers, contractors, and vendors and provide them with access to information and training to deliver.
  • Provide leadership and direction to steer the process towards best practice development.
  • Deliver a comprehensive series of audits and self- assessments using improvement models and systems auditing procedures, and act on any deficiencies or improvement opportunities identified.


To define the responsibilities, processes, procedures, and standards for quality management, and assign responsibility for delivery, implementation and review.


Regular reviews of the Policy and communication of the same to employees and stakeholders as appropriate.